About Us

We Love What We Do!

FOHAS (Friends of Henderson Animal Support)  is a passionate organization dedicated to advocating for The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and improving the lives of shelter animals. Our mission includes finding them loving permanent homes and providing essential resources and support while they wait.

We work tirelessly to ensure shelter animals experience Freedom from Hunger and Thirst by providing high-quality food and assisting struggling pet owners to prevent surrender.

Freedom from Discomfort is achieved by providing comfort items and upgrades to the shelter, creating appropriate conditions and separate areas for dogs to decompress and exercise.

FOHAS strives to provide Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease by allocating resources to support ailing animals that may otherwise face euthanasia due to limited medical budgets.

We believe in giving animals the Freedom to Express Normal Behavior, allowing them space and opportunities to engage in activities and interactions outside their kennels.

Lastly, Freedom from Fear and Distress is a priority. We advocate, educate, and create awareness to minimize shelter animals’ stress, enhancing their comfort and well-being.

Kenni and Scott founded FOHAS out of their deep commitment to animal welfare, and we need your
support. Together, we can fulfill our promise of love and kindness to these animals, giving them a chance at a better life.

Be a Volunteer Hero: Transform Lives. Give hope, love, and a brighter future to shelter animals. Join FOHAS today and put your yes on the table