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Stewarding resources to enhance care, advocacy, and supporting animals in need.

Dear Friends

We’re Scott and Kenni, the founders of Friends of Henderson Animal Support (FOHAS). We were inspired to create this foundation after realizing the needs of many abandoned, lost, and surrendered animals in our community weren’t being met. We aim to provide additional financial, medical, and logistical support to help keep animals comfortable while at the shelter. We hope to extend this support to keep animals in our community in loving homes when owners fall on hard times.

FOHAS offers additional love and kindness to every animal that comes to us. However, we can’t fulfill this promise alone. Your support, be it donations, volunteering, or spreading our mission, is invaluable.

Together with you we can rewrite the narrative for these animals behind and beyond the shelter doors.


Scott and Kenni

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FOHAS Foundation Fundraiser Video 

In loving memory of Nikki adopted and failed five times.